The Top 11 Bollywood Celebrities Ruling Instagram

Social Media has become a game changer these days! Oh yes it is all about number games! It not only helps to reach larger audiences but also helps us to stay updated with everything. We follow so many celebs to know about their lifestyle and how they manage to look young always. Do you know who are the most followed celebrities? Let’s see of your favorite celeb is there on the list or not 😉


1. Sunny Leone (9.6 M)


2. Shahid Kapoor (9.9 M)-


3. Sonam Kapoor (10.1 M)-


4. Salman Khan (10.4 M)-

5. Anushka Sharma (11 M)-



6. Akshay Kumar (12.7 M)-


7. Jacqueline Fernandez (13.6 M)-

8. Shraddha Kapoor (15.9 M)-


9. Aliaa Bhatt (16.2 M)-

10. Priyanka Chopra (17.8 M)-

11. Deepika Padukone (18.2 M)-

With 18.2 Million followers, our diva Deepika Padukone is not only rocking outside India but is also ruling the digital world. She is the most followed profile in the Bollywood Industry. We are surely smitten by this sultry beauty.



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The Top 11 Bollywood Celebrities Ruling Instagram

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