Keep Your Kitchen Clean With LAL HIT

The beautiful month of Ramadan will soon come to an end, this month not only brings a sense of devotion and purity to our senses but also helps build and sustain relationships. Iftaar parties, Dinner parties and then comes the day of the feast, Eid. We welcome the day not only with a sense of gratitude but also we open our arms to embrace the beauty of relationships and friendship with our neighbours and family members.


During these days, the kitchen is like favorite spot, preparing new dishes or conventional Ramadan recipes I make sure that my kitchen is spic and span. My best companion is LAL HIT, my partner which helps me keep the kitchen clean. Churning out rich and sweet dishes becomes a breeding ground for cockroaches and germs which can find the remotest of places in your kitchen, like the sink tube or under the gas cylinder, under the storage bottles, corners of your cupboard or water outlet holes. These cockroaches can spoil your spirit and mood, they are dangerous for any one’s health as they can cause contamination and which can make someone sick and in this holy month getting a food poisoning can really spoil everything.  LAL HIT is the weapon I use against the pest, its super effective and the Long Deep Reach Nozzle helps me to remove these pests even from deepest of crevices and kills the hidden cockroaches. LAL Hit is a must to maintain a hygienic surrounding in the kitchen. People who visit my kitchen always appreciate the level of cleanliness and the first thing I suggest them is LAL HIT. This is a part of my every month grocery and my trust in this has grown by leaps and bounds -as cleaning my kitchen with LAL HIT is my monthly kitchen cleaning regime. LAL HIT not only keeps my kitchen clean but also makes it smell great. #SayNoToFoodPoisoning


Here I have also attached an easy and delicious recipe for my wonderful readers to enjoy their Ramadan.




EID Special- Vermicili Kheer



Milk- 500mL

Roasted Vermicelli- 250gms

Milkmaid- ½ cup

Dry fruits- For Garnishing



In a pan boil milk till it becomes thick and creamy. Keep stirring to ensure that the milk doesn’t burn at the bottom.

Add vermicelli to it and simmer over low heat.

Keep stirring and then at the end add milkmaid. Stir it for another 5 minutes and then turn off the heat.

It becomes thicker when it cools.

Garnish it with the dry fruits and serve your guests ☺


After making this don’t forget to clean your kitchen with LAL HIT to ban cockroaches from entering. Keep your kitchen always clean and follow this habit religiously.


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Keep Your Kitchen Clean With LAL HIT

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