Mar 29, 2018
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Guide to Get Fit and Healthy!

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Congratulation on taking your first step on getting fit and healthy!

Welcome my lovely readers who have decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Going to expensive gyms is not the solution to get fit! Your simple healthy habits can get you in shape. Wanna know how? Follow these simple steps daily to achieve your fitness goals.

Healthy Food Habits:


Healthy Diet

Your body is what you eat and so it’s very important to keep a check on your food intake. The food we eat shapes our body more than spending hours and hours in the gym. Learn to enjoy your food.

Stay away from sugar. You can use stevia instead to keep your blood sugar level stable

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink 4 ltrs of water daily. Water helps to remove toxins from the body.

Include more of protein in your food. All your meals should have food rich in protein.

Have salad before your meal.

Sleep Well:


Sleeping Habit

Your body needs good amount of sleep every night. It’s very important to sleep 7-8 hours daily.


Walk More


Instead of sitting for long hours do something which you enjoy. Get involved in small chores which get you moving. Try making an effort to walk whenever and wherever you can. Avoid 2 wheelers for a nearby store if you can walk to that place. Still sitting???? Get up and fetch yourself a glass of water!!!




Stretch your body in between your work which will keep your body pain-free.



Don’t have to time to go to the gym?? There are many apps these days which helps you to workout in your home. 20Mints is all you need to have a good exercise. Your body needs your time so give some time to exercise to get energized.

Now that you have decided to live a  healthy  life, follow all the steps carefully and see the difference!

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