Apr 3, 2014
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An Unmatched Gadget I bought

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An Unmatched Gadget I bought

Use it even with your gloves on
Asus Zenfone has been a pleasant surprise for me. I could never think that one would use it with gloves on. Technology redefined! Trust me I always thought touch could only sense bare finger. Wow! I am able to use it in winters with gloves on. Technology fabulously used. The Glove mode is just the feature is needed with the onset of the winters and the swipe-able keyboard is something that was a first time experience for me.
The battery performance I experienced from it is quite contrary to what I had heard. That’s why they say, you know it when you actually use it. I can just go tension-free for about good hours without having to charge my phone and mind you; my usage of the phone is not minimal by any means.  

Other beneficial features of Zenfone that caught my attention were the availability of a good range of custom apps. In addition, I can use the kid mode to the hide the apps that I don’t want my little one to fiddle around with and it also has the advantage of large icons in its easy mode that suits the needs of my elderly parents as well. 

Yes what would have made me more happy was a little bit more advanced and high resolution camera, nevertheless, I am happy with the other features of battery optimization like brightness control, memory cleaner that is built in and the availability of the settings icon on the top right which saves me the time of looking for it.Buy it from Flipkart.
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